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Oxygen Storage Vessel

A perfect portable oxygen kit, with user-friendly interface and convenience, well-suited for everyone.

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Portable Ultra Light Medical Oxygen Cylinder (1579Liters)

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Rs. 25500

With the most useful and the best Oxygen cylinder and Portable oxygen can, Dr. Oxy has become the most reliable Oxygen cylinder provider in India.

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  • Model
  • O2 Capacity
  • Water Capacity
  • Duration*
  • Weight**
  • Dr Oxy Maxima
  • 1579 L
  • 10 L
  • 13 hrs 09 min
  • 12.1 Kg

Kit Includes

  • Cylinder
  • Valve
  • Regulator
  • Bag
  • Mask/Canula
  • User Manual
  • Prefilled With Medical Oxygen

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Oxygen cylinder is now a product that has gone a drastic change from the user perspective. From hospital use it is now becoming a product for personal use by the health conscious people as well as for household medical need.

Oxygen cylinder has become portable and user friendly.

CKR Dr. Oxy cylinders have different versions of oxygen cylinders starting from portable ultra light medical oxygen cylinder with 248 litre capacity. More versions with higher capacities are also available.

A 1579 litre oxygen cylinder is also available. These cylinders are 45% lighter than the conventional cylinders. These are refillable and reusable and can be used by finger operated valve by the patient.

How to use Oxygen Cylinder
  • Assemble the regulator to the oxygen tank.
  • Regulator that attaches on the oxygen cylinder.
  • Line the pins on the regulator up with the holes on the tank and then tight it with the T – Handle.
  • Use the cylinder valve to turn on & this gauge shows how much oxygen is left in the tank.
  • The control let adjust the flow of oxygen to the prescribed litters per minute.
Face mask
  • The simple Oxygen mask.
  • Simple mask is made of clear, flexible, plastic or rubber that can be molded to fit the face.
  • The simple Oxygen mask It delivers 35% to 60% oxygen.
  • A flow rate of 6 to 10 litres per minute.
  • Often it is used when an increased delivery of oxygen is needed for short periods (i.e., less than 12 hours).
  • Simple Breathing mask
Does carry bag comes with kit?

The carry bag comes with 750liters and below sizes

Size of the cylinder please

Size of cylinder is 100 cm

We already use a humidifier, can we attach that to this if required?

To connect humidifier you need to change the regulator

How much is total weight including oxygen?

12.1 Kg